Games and books that inspire with heroes and global visions; teach with fascinating facts and exciting adventures while we explore together our one planet.

Missing Lynx

Rescue endangered animals by traveling the world, gathering information, sharing clues and solving the mystery! The faster you can figure out who is safe and who is not, the sooner the animals can live wild and free! Become a master of deduction and inferencing while navigating whether to share information to gain points or keep it private in the hopes of a bigger pay off. You will be so focused on rescuing the animals you may not even notice how many fascinating new facts you learn about the animals, food sources and habitats along the way. Every game is a new adventure!

Be a hero… Rescue endangered animals and have a blast on your worldwide adventures!


My daughters and I have spent many volunteer hours working for animal conservation, including traveling to places like Thailand, Africa and Costa Rica. On our travels, we met wonderful people from all over the world who make positive differences. I wanted to share that experience and inspire that sense of community and service in the game of Missing Lynx. It is my hope that by playing a really fun smart strategy game, you might also discover the joy helping each other and helping wildlife on our one planet.

Make conscious decisions about how and what we teach children through games.

Amelia in the Sky

Amelia in the Sky shares the adventures of Amelia Earhart and her love for the beauty of flying. Young children will enjoy this poetic journey through the skies with Amelia as they learn about her from childhood to adulthood. The book also inspires kids to notice what they love to do; what is in their hearts, so that they too can live an inspired life.

Enjoy a journey with a Positive Female Role Model for all Children


My young daughter came home from a trip with her grandparents to the book store with a book entitled, “Barbie Goes Shopping.” That book was the absolute antithesis of what I was hoping to teach, model and inspire in my daughters. I went back to the bookstore to find a positive female role model book for my 5-year-old. I could not find one. So I wrote one. The original artwork was with colored pencils and stick figures. I am grateful for my talented friend, Alaina Ginsberg, who hand painted the artwork for this beautiful and professional publication.