About Us

We are passionate about the  wild and free authentic expression of all life. We are smart in how we promote sustainable and inspiring ideals in our products. We care about you, your family and what you need to make positive connections and lasting memories playing games and reading books.

I am a speech therapist. I love playing games with my students. They love learning in a dynamic and engaging way. Often I change the games, change the rules and change the messages. I do this because every single element of a game informs the player. For example, when I teach categories like vegetables, fruit, transportation and animals. I do not teach that there is a category of “zoo” animals. I change “zoo” to be “wild” animals. These details matter in how we frame our perspective and view the world. I believe our language reflects, instructs and directs the way we construct the world around us. So when I write a story or develop rules for games, I am very aware of how every detail and word choice matters. I hope you enjoy what we have created, that it inspires new thinking and fun positive ways of playing and connecting.

Game Theory and Values

Games set up structures, provide rules and define goals. A game will tell you what winning is. It will provide rules that rewards and punishes certain decisions. For example, one classic game uses the byline “bankrupt your friends” or another says “destroy your opponent”. As the world becomes more globally connected and the challenges must be met on a grand scale of mass cooperation, I believe our games need to prepare children on how to make this happen. They need to provide a new paradigm that teaches how to sustainably live on the planet as a global community recognizing the interconnectedness of all.

Teaching kids that they are part of a global community where we must strive for the best of all creatures and the environment.

Values in Missing Lynx

Missing Lynx defines the goal as rescuing an endangered animal so that it may live wild and free. Incorporating both cooperative and competitive strategies, means that every player is striving to do their best while also sharing information with others. In this way, players are rewarded for helping others and rescuing the endangered animals as quickly as possible. Using the clue information, deepens our understanding of animals, their habitats and their importance to our planet. Traveling the world, creates an appreciation for the necessity of all the different geographical features, environmental characteristics as well as a sense of global community.

When choosing a game to play with your kids, choose one that has the values you want to promote in the world and in our children.